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Our innovative OLE-method provides blockchain technology that is easy to use, cost-efficient, for any organization and delivers blockchain solutions within a few weeks time.

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Integrate blockchain within your organization using an innovative approach

Integrate blockchain within your organization using an innovative approach

Blockchain is the new way to link business processes of both internal and external ICT-systems and –applications. Using blockchain, business processes become transparent and more efficient. Our innovative OLE-method provides for blockchain technology that is easy to use and cost-efficient for any organization, often giving results with a few weeks time. In this way, NorthChain helps you to get a firm grip on your business processes.

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A private blockchain in 3 steps

In just three easy steps, you can quickly generate a blockchain. OLE helps you engineer a working blockchain, together with a complete dashboard facility, constantly monitoring the most important indicators of your business process.

Exploring your business process model

Together with the client, we systematically map out the business processes within an organization. In this way, we establish a clear picture of the order in which actions are to be performed and by whom, in order to arrive at a process that is as effective and efficient as possible. Inter-dependencies between processes and stakeholders are also taken into account, resulting in a fully optimized business process model.

From Business process to Blockchain

Our business process models are systematically translated into a sequence of smart contracts using our OLE-language. OLE is a structured natural language that allows you to define your blockchain in full detail on the level of the business. OLE is easy to read and write by non-IT experts, and allows you to systematically write a complete definition of your business process. The OLE specification of your blockchain is then ready to be validated by the domain experts. After validation, we can define and implement a range of business-intelligence facilities , offering real-time monitoring information about the performance of your business process.

How to become your own OLE-Blockchain Engineer

In a three-day training, we can educate IT specialists, engineers, and consultants to become OLE-blockchain engineers. The participants can analyze, structure, and (re-)design your internal business processes, resulting in an optimized and error-free blockchain implementation of that process, based on the OLE-method. These blockchain engineers will be qualified as OLE-certified partners, entailing that they can also be offered to construct OLE-based private blockchains for your external customers. The training consists of a one-day theoretical training, followed by a two-day practical training. The practical training part typically involves a use case brought in by the participants themselves, hence offering the participants a possibility to build their own private blockchain for that use case.

The advantages of NorthChain

NorthChain: your partner in private blockchains

Our compiler technology offers the ultimate shortcut to the realization of an error-free blockchain solution, both for yourself and your customers. Our blockchains can be used for simple internal business processes, up to blockchains for international consortia of cooperating businesses. Our OLE-method supplies an easy and effective blockchain solution for any organization. As one of our cooperating partners has phrased it.

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