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What we do

What we do

NorthChain can build private blockchains within a matter of weeks for businesses who want to make their processes more efficient and more in control. We have a step-by-step method to attain this goal. We start by making a model of your current business process. Together with the client we map out the business process as it is currently found in the organization. After that, we will look for ways to improve and optimize, and eventually automate that process. This will result in an eventual business process model that has been identified and agreed upon by all stakeholders. This process model will be the basis for writing blockchain specifications in the high-level OLE-language (developed by NorthChain). OLE-specifications are precise and complete, but are above all easy to read, in particular by non-IT specialists. OLE-specifications are easy to read, and therefore easy to understand and validate. After careful validation, the OLE-specification is offered as input to our innovative OLE-compiler, which will generate the eventual blockchain code of the business process at hand. The resulting code can then be further implemented in your organization, and also be integrated with your internal and external IT-systems.

How OLE works
Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

Many businesses experience lack of control when it comes to their business processes. They experience that their employees and customers do not adhere to the agreements initially set out in a desired business process (both internally and externally). In short, there is no real force to work according to a process initially agreed upon, and this will pose risks for the organization. NorthChain has as its goal to take on these challenges and to arrive at solutions using blockchain technology to get a grip on complex and continuously changing business processes. Blockchain technology forces organizations to rethink their business processes: are my processes sufficiently efficient and robust? Contact us to get an answer to this question, and to translate that answer into a blockchain solution.


Who we are

We gladly introduce you to the people behind NorthChain, each with his own expertise. Get to know our multi-disciplinary team of partners, engineers, and programmers.

Dr. Herman Balsters

Partner Product development, modeling, education

Jelko van der Wiel

Partner Strategy and marketing

Stefan de Ruiter

Partner Product development

Gabe van der Weijde

Partner Product development

A blockchain for each process in any sector

Using our OLE-method, private blockchains can be developed for any organization as long as it has a business process. Be it an internal process for a small business, up to a complex business process for cooperating multi-national companies. Northhain can build such private blockchains, independent of the sector in which it is applied. Just look at the diversity of sectors in which Northchain and its clients are involved: circular economy, fintech, health care, food, logistics, and transport.

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