Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is possible to implement a blockchain without changing the existing systems and applications.

No, after stakeholders have validated the flowchart and smart contracts, specific information is only visible to authorized users.

No, through the NorthChain OLE-method, private blockchains are created efficiently by a certified OLE-engineer or by yourself.

No, our NorthChain Academy trains instructors and engineers, giving companies and organizations the opportunity to quickly and easily realize private blockchains with their own people.

Yes, the private blockchain is applied in different sectors.

The information on the blockchain is not mutable. The processes on the blockchain can easily be modified with our OLE-method. Hence, OLE supports contract evolution over time.

Yes, wherever there is a process, a private blockchain can be applied.

No. In principle a private blockchain operates without a settlement mechanism. Stakeholders are free to organize the blockchain with or without a charging system.

Yes, the advantages of blockchain are: transparent, traceable, non-mutable and safe. This is in contrast to most database systems..

Yes, a well-designed private blockchain according to our NorthChain OLE-method meets the GDPR. During our training as an instructor and engineer, extra attention is paid to this topic.

In accordance with your own business process, changes can always be made. However, the original action remains at any time traceable.

By using our method and compiler technology implementation errors are prevented.

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