NorthChain has joined the ‘marketplace’ of Corda/R3 as a solution partner.

NorthChain employs a high-level, structured natural OLE-language (Objects, Logic and English) to design and validate blockchains. Our compiler technology generates error-free Corda code from OLE-input texts. Our model-driven approach, based on OLE, accelerates blockchain technology by a factor of 10-15, and lowers the threshold to build blockchains on a large scale. NorthChain leverages Corda to implement state-of-the-art private blockchains.

The OLE compiler can generate different types of blockchain-code. Due to the technical innovations of Corda, NorthChain prefers to use Corda to implement state-of-the-art private blockchains.

Corda is the result of a multi-year joint effort by R3 with more than 200 technology and industry partners to build a blockchain platform that meets the unique requirements of business applications.

The NorthChain developers are Corda certified.

With the combination of Corda and NorthChain, blockchain solutions are no longer available only to banks and multinationals, but to all companies!


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